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Update : April 18, 2019
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 PD License Error
 1/24/2007 10:10:13 AM
User is offlineirannacw
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PD License Error


Recently SPI server m/c is shifted to new office,now the m/c has two ip addresses one for LAN & other for PDLicense.i.e (LAN) (Which was there while installing PDLice in old office).

Default Gateway: &  Subnet Mask:

But now i m not able access a m/c located in old office i.e which has SPP&ID.

If i remove i m able to access that m/c but PDlicense type mismatch error is coming.

While installing PDLice , m/c ip was so this needs to be their in order to run PDLice.The other IP is must to communicate with LAN.I checked up with Network people,they say it is not possible communicate.So whether the PDLice IP can be changed to LAN IP i.e172.24.84.100.Any clarifications are welcome.

 1/24/2007 12:38:53 PM
User is offlineadmin
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Re: PD License Error

Please find bellow troubleshooting for PDLicense:



SPF product tag is invalid



When an invalid tag message pops up, the software is trying to move and validate the seats that are taken during the installation of the new key.  Possible an older version of lice was installed before and the old key has not been removed before installing the new key. At the dos command enter pdlice -m and get the output to see if there is some weird seat tag there.

Remove key - Uninstall SW and verify registry, rebbot – install latest and generate new machine id and key.


Server Key file mismatch



This problem has been addressed in SPLM 9.0.

This is the explanation and the work around: "The license file and the DSKFILSH.RTI file in the windows directory are not in sync. You can delete the DSKFILSH.RTI and not have to install a new key. The software will recreate the DSKFILSH.RTI if it is not there."




While trying to install key receive error:

Seat count is too low to transfer current reserved seats to new key



The new key has less seats then are currently in use.



You either have to exit out of the application which might result in loss of seat usage for the reminder of the time or you can setup the batch command to install the new key at a later time at night when the other key expires and everybody exited the application.



Message: SPLMFailed: [connecting socket] Connection refused – servername


Cause: Licensing service not started

Solution – check Install and start licensing service in Install and remove options or my computer – services

Check port 807 – firewall

check if the port 807 is available for pdlice in your Citrix Server is doing the following: 1) Open DOS Window and key in: netstat -noa 2)  Look under the LOCAL ADDRESS column for port 807 (for example:, check the Process ID(PID) under the PID colum 3) Open the Task MAnager, select processes and enable the PID column in View --> Select Columns     Look for the PID reported in step 2 and it should be assigned to pdlice.exe 



Message:  SPLM Failed : Invalid Key. Mismatching parameters


Cause: the physical network adapter is disabled.


Solution: Enable the physical network adapter


In SPPID – no license server defined



Error "Run-time error 481, Invalid picture".



temp folder is deleted

through DOS window: SET  and check the folder for TEMP and TMP variables and make sure that folder exists.



Create temp folder

More information about how to enable or disable this option:

Do not use temp folders per sessionRequirements:

At least Microsoft Windows XP Terminal Services

Location: Computer Configuration\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Temporary folders\

Specifies whether to prevent Terminal Services from creating session-specific temporary folders.

You can use this setting to disable the creation of separate temporary folders on a remote computer for each session. By default, Terminal Services creates a separate temporary folder for each active session that a user maintains on a remote computer. Unless otherwise specified, these temporary folders are in %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp\<sessionID>.

If the status is set to Enabled, per-session temporary folders are not created. Instead, users' temporary files are stored in a common Temp directory for each user on the server (by default, %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp).

If the status is set to Disabled, per-session temporary folders are always created, even if the administrator specifies otherwise in the Terminal Services Configuration tool.

If the status is set to Not Configured, per-session temporary folders are created unless otherwise specified by the server administrator



“Fatal SPLM failed: [Read Pipe] Garbled Data From SPLM (Client”)



invalid version of SPLM on client –

e.g. could happen if customer install a PDS QF for which was build with latest libraries and requires >=



Upgrade client and server to




Error “ -5009:0x8002802b" installing SPLM is some machines



The problem seems to be related to the Install shield



Rename the folders located in the following in "C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\Professional\RunTime"




Batch Iso seat not released


pdlice.exe is not in the exceptions list on the machine running the batch iso. 

Ask the customer to make sure that pdlice.exe is in the exceptions list.  Also check to see if pdsidf.exe is still in the task list (pdsidf.exe is the executable which actually takes the seat).  If pdsidf.exe is still active, the error message should be 'Seat Not Recoverable -- Licensees Up'.  Ask them to send us the scavenge report and also verify that the node name/tcpip combo for the batchiso machine in the report is correct.



PDLICE Failed: [Check Size] Server key File Improperly Modified - Reinstall –

This error occurs after the new key was successfully installed and the customer is trying to open PDS.


1.       unknown

2.       pointing to incorrect location: Regedit --> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE --> SOFTWARE--> INTERGRAPH-->PDLICE_ETC--> Double-click on PDLICE_KEY_S and check the value it should be like: c:\windows\servlice.dat – verify the path




Cleaned up machine (removing SW – registry , path and servlice.dat file. Rebooted and installed SPLM latest – generated new  machine id and installed new key.



The solution for the other problems, has been to remove the license key (pdlice -c), re-generate the machine id and install a new key.

To make certain that the license file was truly removed (BEFORE generating a new machine id), at a dos prompt enter:

more < c::SPLMLog

If the file is not there, you will get an error message that it cannot find the file.  The license file MUST BE REMOVED for this to work.  The software does not have to be removed and re-installed.


The problem was the server has McAffee products loaded


On a server running Terminal Server (application mode) you must set the server to install mode before installing the PDLICE license key. This is done from a command line by executing "change user /install". After the key is installed, change the mode back by executing "change user /execute" from a command prompt.

If it's not set to install mode, the pdlice_key_s value is set to
P:\Windows...., where the P: in my case is my home drive. Setting the server to install mode before installing the license key enables the entry to be made properly.

This is why it worked when I removed the software, then reinstalled it. The server automatically prompts you to set the server to install mode when you run an installation program - I didn't think of it for installing the license until I looked at the value of the registry entry


SPLM not working if PANDA Antivirus is installed.

Error: Connection reset by Peer



After installing Panda, you have to enter Panda > Status>Security Protection Settings>Select Firewall>Select Programs with access to the network Settings>Turn off Automatically assign communication permissions.  Then Add Program for pdlice.exe (inbound and outbound), license.exe (inbound and outbound), and pdshell.exe (inbound and outbound).  Hopefully, by turning off, Automatically assign... you will be prompted on what to let through the firewall.  I have NOT been able to get Panda to work if the machine is a license SERVER.  It should be prompting when the machine is a license server and it does not seem to be working correctly.




Socket reset by peer


Solution: remove bmwebcfg.exe


I should add that the offending component comes from a company called ByteMobile.   If you run process explorer you should see a process called bmwebcfg.exe if you do a google search you will get a lot of hits and a lot of PC tools that will remove it for you,etc.


Besides the air cards I don't know whatever applications may load it, but any time you get the message about socket reset by peer on the server, I would look for this particular executable, to see if it is the same problem.





While loading SPLM software (Not the License) we are getting error message "COULD NOT SET INSTALL DATE": The error message has been enclosed for your reference. (SPLMsnap.jpg). The registry entry and operating system detail also has been enclosed in snap_reg doc file
Before installing SPLM we had removed PD_License server which was there on that server.


Solution: After reinstalling the SP2 the problem got solved.



Error scavenging: Connection reset by peer


Connection reset by peer – unable to scavenge license



Firewall on client not setup properly (port 807, pdlice in exception list or IP address changed.

Machine not turned on



Error claiming a seat : Connection reset by peer


Connection reset by peer – unable to obtain license



UNC path was specified in Log product usage. This will be fixed in 9.0 until then don’t use UNC path



Problem: License Database Locked By Another Process

When a new license key is installed with PDS users working and the SPLM software is left open, when the user close PD_Shell they get the following errors:

- License Database Locked By Another Process

- Error releasing seat - Please exit


License need to be released with the scavenge command.

Close SPLM software after installing the license key.

Same error occurs if scavenge interferes with new license request. Simply try again.

Problem: Error –701

Occurred on OS local set to Korean, SPLM is NOT internationalized yet.

Remove key – uninstall SPLM – reboot – set language to English – install SPLM create new machine id – new key – also check path to windows – lok out foie strange characters.

            -701      License file on machine is invalid - zero size and nonexistent  (file in registry)


means that  they deleted the previous license key. 

There is a hidden file on a license server.  This message means that this file is bad --

(1)they removed the license which deletes the file (not good with SPLM license server because the machine ID is stored here ) or

(2)the file does not exist (they didn't install SPLM and run GenerateMachineID on a non-PD_Lice license server).

If (1) occurred, then the only way to fix this is to generate a new machine id and send them a new key.

If (2) occurred, then the only way to fix this is to install SPLM, generate a new machine id and send them a new key.

If the customer has a PD_Lice license server, runs generate machine id (there is a registry entry written for machine id in this case and not a license file change since PD_Lice is already using it), removes pdlice, installs splm, then installs the key, he should not be getting -701 message


Other Install Key Error Codes:

            -101      Process (Computer) Identifier does not match key.

            -201      Network Identifier does not match key.

            -301      Disk Identifier does not match key.

-401 Guid generated by hardware verification does not match key. (means that they re-ran Generate Machine ID AFTER sending us machine id for the key. There is no way to correct this problem without getting a new machine id.)

            -501      SPLMid key is not in registry and license file is OLDer version.

            -601      PD_Lice Current Version key is not in registry



Error: Connecting Socket Timed Out

1.) Stopping and starting service

2.) Server was still pointing at same server but it had record of old IP address. Unpointed server then repointed to current machine which worked fine.


If SPR doesn’t start but seats are available and the message complains about missing SRM keys:

use START>PROGRAMS>SPR>SELECT MODULES and UnCheck all the modules.

Incorrect number of seats reported:


SPLM always shows the Total Seats Currently Checked Out as 2 more than the actual number listed in the details, etc.

Even if no seats are checked out, it still shows 2.

There was a bug in the first 8.0 release that caused this mismatch.  If I remember correctly, it was fixed in 8.0.2.  It doesn't really hurt anything, but the only way to get rid of it is to UNINSTALL key, then regenerate machine ID and receive a new key.  The error could re-apear when the next new key is installed with the older 8.0 version over the existing key.








Ilan Hills
 7/11/2007 9:49:41 PM
User is offlinewijnand
5 posts

Re: PD License Error


This is a very good list of troubles and solutions with SPLM. Can I use it for my website? I'll throw in a link to your website ...

 11/18/2010 11:19:44 AM
User is offlinesoftwareps
4 posts

Re: PD License Error

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